Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Guilhem Durand Syrah 2002 and Joseph

Guilhem Durand Syrah (Vin de Pays d'Hauterive, Southern France) 2002
A nose like walking into a late-night cafe - coffee and tobacco aromas. Cherry coke flavors drift over peppery spice, bacon, and ending up with uninspired flaccid finish. Also got a strange metallic tang in there as well.

Parker gave this 89 points I believe, so what do I know? But what I do know, is I cannot get that beautiful aroma of night out of my head.

My best friend Joseph and I knew that aroma. Our younger days were spent in the coffee houses, back when you could smoke cigarettes, drink espresso by the quart, enjoy the evening. Joseph worked as a barista in some of the best and most beloved. Where Bay City Coffee once stood, now a tendril of Tower Records has encroached in. A dormant used CD and video section where a bored looking clerk with black fingernails chatted on a cell phone.

A warm summer evening about ten years ago. Full moon. Fresh pack of smokes. A cup of coffee, some pretty girls at a nearby table.

Ten years later, during a Syrah tasting, I poured Joseph and I the Durand and we took an eager sniff. He looked at me with a shocked grin. "Woah!" he said. "Coffee and cigarettes. A Tom Waits album in a bottle" Which was a fine analogy with the strange metallic and cherry coke notes in there also.

That's the trouble sometimes. I don't think I drank quite enough wine with Joseph. Drank plenty of coffee though, likewise cold beers at the end of the day. I'm certain though that when we meet up again, we'll find more revelations to compare to memory, traced back from the bottle.

After all, isn't that what it's all about?